Born and bred in the mountains. Moved to the city. 10 years experience in graphic design and art direction. Now a seeker of light and wild places and a storyteller at heart. Aiming to share the beauty of the outdoors to help sustain our planet and connect humans to the world outside. Shooting for good. Be kind, be humble, live fearless.

Let's work together

Are you in need of photography, content creation, visual social media concept or just want to grab a kombucha with me? I am down with all of the above. My passion is driven by connecting people to the outdoors to foster a community of sustaining the nature and places surrounding us.

What I can do for and with you:

- Photography
- Storytelling and writing
- Visual social media concept
- Brand and product integration in storytelling



Whether you need some help with getting your message out, want to connect an authentic voice to your brand or product or simply want to sit down and chat about a collaboration, I am happy to hear from you, because that's what gets me stoked, meeting new people and visiting wild places.