Be Like Water - A 230 km sunday ride

Be Like Water - A 230 km sunday ride

On March 25th, a bunch of cyclists set out to celebrate the arrival of spring in the form of a festive ride. Starting from Vienna, the group had planned to circumnavigate the Neusiedler Lake, crossing the Hungarian border and returning to Austria.
Heavy winds accompanied the first part of the journey, followed by the brisk coldness of this season, hunger, and fatigue. As a cyclist battling the elements, you learn to ride with the circumstances, never against. As Bruce Lee used to proclaim…be like water.

This is my first film ever, all filmed handheld on the bike.
Camera: Sony A7 II

Concept, edit and cinematography by Max Manavi-Huber

Music by Paul Plut & Seamus Mcnamara

More infos on the ride: